Krauthammer: The Freedom Caucus Made a ‘Huge Tactical Mistake’ Trying to ‘Eradicate’ ObamaCare

‘They made a mistake’

KRAUTHAMMER: "I would have liked to say what I always say when you ask me the why question, what do you think I am, I psychiatrist? They made a mistake. Look, they believe that they had promised to destroy, undo, eradicate ObamaCare and all of the implications, government control, government regulation, government mandates. And they wanted to do it in the original bill, coming out of the House. I think it was a huge tactical mistake. In fact, I think the whole idea, which is that Paul Ryan had decided he wanted to get a bill through the House that would be able to go through the Senate and pass with 51 votes, so, he had to go within the restraints of what is called the reconciliation, which is why he could not include in the bill the things that the Freedom Caucus had wanted, being able to buy insurance across state lines, tort reform, and stripping out — just be when he was going to do that later."

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