Stirewalt: ‘No Question’ Nunes Tried to Help Trump But Ended Up ‘Harming Him’

‘He has ended up harming him, or at least in the short term’


STIREWALT: "It’s a little murky out there right now, is what I would say. Whenever you’re dealing with the cloak and dagger world of intelligence intercepts and FISA courts and all that stuff, you’re starting out in a pretty opaque space to begin with. When you add in people trying to duck, dodge and weave, it gets positively baffling. But we are left with this unmistakable knowledge. There’s no question about this. Devin Nunes tried to help the President and he has ended up harming him, or at least in the short term. He wanted to help the President see that there’s this incidental collection and probably buttress Trump’s unverified claim about wiretapping and President Obama in his feud with Obama. So this probably looked to Nunes like an opportunity to help the President on whose transition he served and of whose party he is part. He thought this would probably be good. Now it’s turning into a subcontroversy of its own and giving Democrats lots of ammunition to say something stinks."

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