Spicer: In Trump’s First 66 Days, He Will Have Signed 6 Resolutions Eliminating Job Killing Rules

‘Under President Trump, the American economy is a place where everyone regardless of their gender to thrive’

SPICER: "Under President Trump, the American economy is a place for everyone, regardless of their gender, to thrive. Following the roundtable, the President had lunch with the Vice President and Secretary of State Tillerson, and at 3:00, the President will sign House joint resolutions 37, 44, 57 and 58, all of which use the power of the Congressional Review Act to roll back job killing rules. Before this administration, only one time in the nation’s history had a president ever signed a bill that used the Congressional Review Act to cancel a federal regulation. In just his first 66 days as president, he will have signed six resolutions to eliminate unnecessary and burdensome rules."

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