Dana Loesch: Koppel ‘the Last Person on Earth’ Who Should Be Accusing Anyone of Being Bad for America

‘Ted Koppel be one of the most biased reporters, biased anchors in America’


LOESCH: "It seemed weird. I grew up watching Ted Koppel be one of the most biased reporters, biased anchors in America. And so for him to kind of turn that around, it was one of those moments where you -- you do a double take. But he's been accused of bias, Ted Koppel, throughout his entire career. He is the last person on Earth to be accusing anyone of being bad for America simply because they are offering opinion. And this is the problem with so much of legacy media, this is why you have seen new media crop up. Because people are tired of these anchors and these reporters giving their opinion as unfettered fact and acting as though there is no bias on their part at all, whatsoever."
KILMEADE: "Dana --"
LOESCH: "I appreciate people who give their opinion and they openly say, you know what? This is my opinion." 

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