Robert Draper: If Anything Trump’s ‘Sounding Like the Keynesian Liberal’

‘If anything he’s sounding like Keynesian liberal’


DRAPER: "Yeah, let me put this plainly, Jeremy. He doesn’t want to do entitlement reform. I talked to members of the Freedom Caucus over and over and they all were saying, 'Oh, he’s going to come to Jesus on this. He'll realize just dealing with the discretionary nonmilitary part of the budget isn’t going to cut the mustard, isn't going to get us to a balanced budget.' They may well be right about that but President Trump is firm about this. I had asked him plainly, I said, 'These guys who want entitlement reform probably should not hold their breath, right?' and he said, 'I do think you’re right.' He essentially gave that message, Jeremy, throughout the campaign trail. That should not be surprising to us. So, if anything, President Trump went on saying that he believed we needed to 'prime the pump,' which he explained to me meant 'spend more money to make more money.' So, more than anything else, he’s sounding like the Keynesian liberal."

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