Candy Crowley: Is Bergdahl ‘Less Worthy’ of Saving than a Young John McCain?

‘Does that make this young man less worthy of rescuing from his circumstances than a young John McCain as a POW?’

CNN's Candy Crowley: Is Bergdahl ‘Less Worthy’ of Saving Than a Young John McCain? (NewsBusters)

Candy Crowley, in continuing to carry water for the Obama administration, pressed Arizona Senator John McCain on State of the Union on whether Bowe Bergdahl was “less worthy of rescue” than a young John McCain when he was a POW during the Vietnam War.

Crowley led off her interview by acknowledging McCain’s service in Vietnam, complimenting him for serving with “courage” and “honor” and “valor.” Seeming to ignore her own kind words, she immediately went after the Arizona senator. After identifying the circumstances surrounding the capture of Bergdahl–likely deserter, possible defector, possible converter to Islam–Crowley posed this question to McCain.

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