Planned Parenthood President: Women Will ‘Lose Their Lives’ with GOP Health Bill

‘There is no way to overstate how devastating this will be’

Planned Parenthood Prez: Women Will 'Lose Their Lives' with GOP Health Bill (NewsBusters)

Women will “lose their lives” with the new GOP healthcare bill, according to the president of Planned Parenthood. Never mind that her abortion giant ends hundreds of women’s lives every day – one limb at a time.

On Friday, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards spoke with Ben Smith, editor-in-chief at Buzzfeed News, on the GOP healthcare plan that threatens to defund Planned Parenthood over abortion. Needless to say, Richards wasn’t happy. Video below.

At one point in the interview, Smith read a question from Twitter for Richards to answer. “What would your mother say about the fuckery going on?” he asked Richards of her mother, former Texas Governor Ann Richards.

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