Jackson Lee on RyanCare: ‘Don’t Feed the American People a Poisoned Meal!’

‘Let me say that this morning the Republicans are giving to the American people a poisoned meal’


JACKSON LEE: "This poisoned meal is getting worse and worse. And then in the dark of night, what did they do? They took away your hospitalization, they took away pregnancy, maternity and newborn care. They took away your mental health and substance abuse. Those states that are inexperienced in the opioid abuse and epidemic, what are you going to do? They’ve threatened community health centers, they're closing rural hospitals. What is this disaster of TrumpCare? It is injuring my good friend who is sitting there in a hospital room. It is injuring Anna Nunes, it is injuring small businesses who say that they can live better under the Affordable Care Act, or the youngster who is a junior in college who said she would not be alive had it not been for the Affordable Care Act. More than half of the American people and growing are against this bill in the dark of night. It is the poisoned meal that is keeping those who need health insurance away from health insurance. I ask my colleague to vote no, don’t feed the American people a poisoned meal.”

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