Former Platoon Mate: ‘Every Single Mission’ Was About Finding Bergdahl

‘This isn’t second or third-hand reports or accounts. We were there running missions every single day to try and find Bowe Bergdahl’

Former Platoon Mate: ‘Every Single Mission’ Was About Finding Bergdahl (National Review Online)

A former medic in Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon fired back Sunday at Obama administration claims that he and other Afghanistan veterans are exaggerating the seriousness of Bergdahl’s disappearance from his post in 2009.  

“Every single mission that we did was focused on finding Bergdahl,” Joshua Cornelison told Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace. “Maybe not every single mission was kicking down a door because we had intel that Bergdahl was there. But we were finding people. We were either finding locals who had said they had information about where Bowe Bergdahl was, or maybe we were just going trying to talk with locals to see if they had information about Bergdahl. But every single mission after Bowe Bergdahl left was tilted toward finding Bowe Bergdahl, every single one.”

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