‘He Was a Good Man’: Ex-Trump Supporter Breaks Down While Talking About Deceased Son

‘He had a big heart and he showed everybody his heart’

‘He Was a Good Man’: Ex-Trump Supporter Breaks Down While Talking About Deceased Son (Mediaite)

Earlier this week, CNN ran a profile piece on Kraig Moss, a former Donald Trump supporter who has says he can no longer trust the president due to his embrace of the American Health Care Act. Moss expressed at that time that his son died from a heroin overdose and the AHCA does not properly address drug addiction. During the presidential campaign, Moss attended 45 rallies and would sing pro-Trump songs he wrote outside of them.

This afternoon, Moss appeared on CNN’s The Lead to speak to host Jake Tapper about his split from Trump and his disapproval of the GOP healthcare bill. When asked if he thinks he can trust Trump again, Moss stated that “trust many times takes a lifetime to achieve and one day to lose.” He added, “So, to get the trust back, it’s going to take some doing.”

Following a bit of discussion about the country’s opioid problem and what Moss thinks could be done to help, Tapper pointed out that he wanted to concentrate a bit on Moss’s deceased son and what kind of person he was, asking Moss what he wanted those in Washington to think about while bringing up changes to the bill. (The vote has been delayed in the House until at least tomorrow.)

“My son was a good man,” Moss stated. He went on to describe the good deeds his son, Rob, would do for neighbors, such as shoveling now off of the driveway of an elderly woman for free.

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