Conway: Trump’s Very Confident He Can Get the Votes to Pass Health Care

‘The president has made very clear this was his top priority’


KILMEADE: "We know that President Obama in 2015 wanted to get TPP passed. It went down to Capitol Hill and it failed. So that was not a positive for him. How much is at stake for this president? he's there at 9:30 this morning. He's had all these small groups and big groups say how the President is involved. Paul Ryan called him the closer on Sunday. How much is at stake for him on Thursday?"
CONWAY: "The President has made very clear this bill was his top priority. But he also says, when healthcare is done, he will move on to tax cuts to infrastructure, to dealing with actors around the world. He actually is going to Capitol Hill today. I think it’s a really great display of leadership. And they are very confident they can get the votes."

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