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Mark Steyn: Idea Dems Are Ready to Launch WWIII over Crimea Is ‘Completely Preposterous’
‘Where were they almost 40 years ago?’

STEYN: "I think Russia is fundamentally — once you strip away a century of communism — Russia is essentially the prodigal child of western civilization. It is Chekov, Tsaikovsky ... and the idea that we need to turn it into an enemy simply because it has a flawed government I think is idiotic. Mike Flynn, I am in favor of Flynn being gone because he was in the pay of the Turks. Erdogan has a far greater threat to western civilization than Vladimir Putin is. That conversation you were having at the top of the show, in which Democrats are demanding that we double down on sanctions, again, I think we ought to start thinking about this in a reasonable way. Crimea, is 19th century imperialist here, engraved in my soul — I think Crimea is a legitimate sphere of Russian influence. The idea that Democrats are suddenly prepared to launch World War III over Crimea — it’s completely preposterous. Where were they almost 40 years ago?"

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