Susan Collins; ‘I Have Seen No Evidence Supporting’ Trump’s Wiretap Claim

‘If the president has evidence of that I would encourage him to turn it over to the House and Senate Intelligence Committee’

TODD: “Let me ask you about the president and the issue of credibility. He continues to believe that he was somehow, either he or his associates were wiretapped or under surveillance and it was ordered by President Obama. You also have access to various intelligence, is there any way that that statement, to your knowledge, is true?”
COLLINS: “I have seen no evidence supporting that statement, and what we need is evidence. If the president has evidence of that I would encourage him to turn it over to the house and Senate intelligence committee. We’re in the midst of a big investigation of Russian activities in our country, and we want to look at this allegation, as well.”
TODD: “Can you take the president at his word?”
COLLINS: “Yes. Do I think the president gets everything right? No. But I want President Trump just as I’ve wanted every other president to be successful because he is America’s president. Now that doesn’t mean that I support his policies and it doesn’t mean that I’m going to be with him when I think he’s wrong or has misstated what the facts are.”

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