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Sean Duffy: ‘I Have a Concern About What Our Intelligence Community Is Doing’
‘“I have a concern about what our intelligence community is doing with surveillance of Americans and releasing that information publicly’

GOP Representative Tells Cuomo: ‘I Have a Concern About What Our Intelligence Community Is Doing’ (Mediaite)

An interview between CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Representative Sean Duffy was certainly wide-ranging this morning, but ended up hitting the intelligence community pretty hard.

On New Day, Cuomo asked Duffy about reports that the United States may use military intervention if North Korea doesn’t cool it with the nukes and what, exactly, that sort of movement would look like. After a few answers, the host suddenly switched topics on the representative, bringing up the president’s claims that former President Barack Obama wiretapped him. Those claims have been largely brushed off by intelligence groups within the government.

Duffy, too, said he has seen “no evidence,” but if the administration is still insisting they have some, he is willing to hear it. He and Cuomo went back and forth a little bit about elected officials’ responsibilities when Donald Trump drops the credibility ball, but then Duffy turned the topic to surveillance in general.

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