Rand Paul on Paul Ryan’s Claim GOP Ran on His Bill: ‘The Heck We Did!’

‘There really isn’t a great deal of unity over Paul Ryan’s replacement plan’

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PAUL: “You know I think there’s a lot of Republican unity. There’s a lot of agreement on repeal. In fact, it’s one of the things that's brought us together more than any other issue over the last six years. But there really isn’t a great deal of unity over Paul Ryan’s replacement plan. In fact, it is sort of false for him to go around and saying, 'Oh, you guys ran on my plan.' The heck we did! We've been running on repeal for years and years, but nobody was running on 'Oh, we’ll give you half as many subsidies, half as many taxes. And instead of paying the individual mandate to the government, you have to pay it to the insurance company', none of us ran on that. No conservative is for his plan." 

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