Kurtz: Trump Tax Return Special a ‘Big Time Blunder’ by Rachel Maddow

‘I’m troubled by the illegal leak and the invasion of privacy’


KURTZ: "Bill, this was a big-time blunder by Rachel Maddow, not because it's not a legitimate news story, it is, but because the way in which she dragged this thing out two things happened. One is, she had -- she had a news story but she made and turned it into a kind of partisan spectacle with a long rambling 20-minute monologue before she finally produced the news. And she was just seem so gleeful about it, obviously she is a liberal critic of this president, but also because by touting it on Twitter and hyping it, she gave the White House time to put out a statement of its own not just criticizing the media but confirming the basic facts that President Trump did in fact pay $38 million in taxes that year, so she fumbled away the scoop."

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