Noah: Trump Is Like a Magician Who Never Finishes a Magic Trick

‘Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, I’ve placed this lady into a box! All right, let’s move on’

NOAH: "I'm so surprised. Trump isn't going to present evidence. He doesn't even present evidence when he plays clue -- it was Colonel Mustard in the kitchen because he is Muslim! I win! I win! Let's play "Guess who?"! Okay, you're Philip. Game over. I win again! I'm not surprised that Trump missed another deadline. This is the same person who missed deadlines for his ISIS plan, his Russian hacking info deadline -- we never heard about that. I'm still waiting for Melania to give the press conference she promised on whether she was working illegally when she first came to America. Deadline after deadline, Trump's like, let me tell you, and he never does. Basically, Trump is a magician who never finishes a trick. Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, I've placed this lady into a box! All right, let's move on. Look at this hat, empty! All right, move on. I want you to think of a number, any number -- thank you very much. What's the trick? I'm the president, right? Are you not entertained? I'll be here four years. Thank you very much."

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