Man Who Samantha Bee Called a Nazi: I’m a Democrat/Never-Trumper

‘I have been part of the #NeverTrump movement since day one’

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MACDONALD: “It’s good to have you on the show. Did we get that right, Kyle, that you are a Democrat and Never-Trumper?
CODDINGTON: “I have been part of the #NeverTrump movement since day one and I kind of just broke her narrative that she was trying to create there.”
MACDONALD: “Kyle, what did you think of Samantha Bee’s apology?”
CODDINGTON: “I’m glad she apologized, and she also donated $1,000 to my GoFundMe, but I also feel it was a half-apology. It would have been nice to see her apologize not just to me but to all of those who she threw together under the Nazi hair and also to anyone that has cancer who she offended.” 

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