Ryan: Medicaid Reform a ‘Bigger Entitlement Reform than Welfare Reform in 1996’

‘This is the most historic entitlement reform we have ever had’

RYAN: "Yes, so this is a carefully balanced consensus among all of our Republicans in consultation with our governors about how to have a smooth transition as we get Medicaid back to the states. The concern about ending the Medicaid — changing Medicaid too soon is there will be a gap in coverage before the tax credits kick in. And so that’s the concern about doing this too soon. Here’s what I would say — this is what I mean when I say, people are losing the forest through the trees. We are sending Medicaid through a per capita block grant to the state and capping its growth rate. This is the most historic entitlement reform we have ever had. This is bigger entitlement reform than welfare reform in 1996. So if the transition takes three years or two years, that’s missing the forest through the trees. So that’s the point I keep trying to make, which is, look at the totality of this, look at the historic achievement this is and — and this, I think, this at the end of the day, is going to win this argument among people on my side of the aisle."

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