Dennis Miller Tells Seth Meyers 'America Is Built on Busting Your A**'

'Why do I want to hand my health care over to [Nancy Pelosi], a woman who chose that plastic surgeon, by the way?'

Dennis Miller Tells Seth Meyers ‘America is Built on Busting Your A**’ (NewsBusters)

Dennis Miller has a response for those liberals who think this country is full of people who can't better their lives with new jobs: America "is built on busting your a**." Late Night host Seth Meyers on Tuesday night hosted his fellow Saturday Night Live alum. The radio host and comic was promoting his new stand up act, “America 180.”

Meyers asked Dennis Miller to explain a little bit about the theme of  his “America 180" act. The comedian explained that he grew skeptical when he heard Nancy Pelosi use the term “job lock," the idea of someone being stuck in a job simply for the benefits. According to Pelosi, that isn’t fair. She thinks people should be able to "free themselves" from this problem.

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