Tom Cotton on Health Care Bill: ‘We Need to Get it Right, Not Get It Fast’

‘This is permanent legislation trying to remake our health care system’


COTTON: “Unfortunately, I don’t think this bill, as written is going create the new conditions necessary for the kind of competition that director Mulvaney and I and virtly every other Republican wants. This levers most of the ObamaCare insurance regulations in place. Those regulations have caused most of the premiums to increase we share the same goals of wanting to repeal ObamaCare and getting health insurance rates down so people can get access to care. As the bill is written, as a practical matter, I don’t see the competition occurring as it needs to.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: “He’s questioning the cbo’s analysis before it comes out. Do you think the Congress budget office will make the pass age of the bill easier or more difficult?”

COTTON: “They do provide an important amount of information and analysis that allows senators and congressmen to make informed choices. So, whenever that estimate comes out, we need to take it seriously. We don’t have to accept everything and every conclusion at face value. That’s a reason we should take a pause and examine all the consequences from every perspective on what is sweeping legislation. It will remake one-sixth of the American economy. It will affect every American in a personal and you intimate way. This is not just the latest spending bill that Congress passes right before the Christmas break and goes home and can forget about it nine months late for. This is permanent legislation trying to remake our health care system. We need to get it right, not get it fast.”

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