Pence: ObamaCare ‘Nothing Short of a Government Takeover of Health Care’

‘The central element of the president’s vision for health care reform is to expand to a national marketplace’

BAIER: "It’s long been a fundamental pillar of conservatives that government should stay out of the health care business. Then came ObamaCare and Republicans wanted to get rid of it right away and have fought to get empowered to do it. Philip Klein says that liberals “Have won of the central philosophical argument and Republicans are reduced to fighting over the mechanics.” What is your reaction?"
PENCE: "The central flaw of ObamaCare was that liberals here in Washington, D.C., decided that it would be appropriate for the federal government to order every American to buy health insurance whether they wanted it or needed it or not. It was nothing short of a government takeover of health care. It came with a mandate and tax penalties for people who wouldn’t buy health insurance. In a real sense, it stifled innovation, growth in the American economy and the American people know it. The central element of the president’s vision for health care reform is to expand to a national marketplace to allow the American people to purchase health insurance across state lines and literally in some jurisdictions, and some counties, under the current system, people have one insurance product to choose from. The president and I envision an American health care economy where people literally have hundreds or thousands of health insurance products not ordered by the government but that they can choose from and have some assistance from the government through tax credits to participate. It’s a choice between ObamaCare which was about government mandates and taxes and the heavy hand of Washington, D.C., versus unleashing the power of the free marketplace and especially unleashing the power of states to innovate in ways that will improve people’s lives."

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