Steve Scalise: GOP Wants Families to Make Health Care Choices; Libs Want D.C. to Make Your Health Care Choices

‘The liberals wanted to still have Washington running your health care choices’


SCALISE: “Well, a lot of those people that were supportive of ObamaCare, some of those groups you just mentioned, are not surprisingly against us dismantling ObamaCare because they like the government being in charge of those kind of decisions that really should be made by families and doctors. So that’s really at the heart of this. Who makes decisions for families across America? Should it be a family with their doctor or should it be someone elected bureaucrat in Washington? You saw over the last 27 1/2 hours of our committee hearing, there is a big divide. Republicans want families to make those choices where we can lower costs and let them make their choices. And the liberals wanted to still have Washington running your health care choices.”

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