Rand Paul: This Won’t Be an ‘Easy Passage with the ObamaCare Light Provisions’

‘There are several aspects of their bill that I think are ObamaCare light and I don’t support’


PAUL: "I don’t think this is going to be an easy passage with the ObamaCare light provisions in it. And so I think every time the speaker goes on television saying, 'Oh, it’s a slam-dunk, we have the votes', I just don’t think that's accurate. There is a great deal of dissension on replacement. There is a great deal of unity on repeal. And I just think we need to think this through and make sure we get it right. Because, ObamaCare is a disaster but if we to partial repeal and replace it with other big government programs I think we run into great problems. And there are a lot of people who elected us, 2010 in the House, 2014 in the Senate, now the White House who will be unhappy if we do partial repeal or if we replace it with ObamaCare light."

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