Trevor Noah Says There’s No Such Thing as an ‘Extreme Liberal’

‘So what’s the thing you’re afraid of? Health care for everybody? Free education? Is that what you’re afraid of?’

NOAH: "When people say that, I go, like, what is an extreme liberal? Like, what is that? ... So what's the thing you're afraid of? Health care for everybody? Free education? Is that what you're afraid of. Is that really what people are afraid of? We know what an extreme right-wing person does. Realistically, when people are saying this, they're going, it's the same. There's extremes on either end. I go, yes, but what is one extreme shown us that they're capable of repeatedly? That is what I'm saying. When it comes to Trump, you have somebody who's saying these things, and you cannot deny that that rhetoric often sometimes spills over. It may be protocol or boring, but it's also the thing that stops you from falsely accusing the president who came before you of wiretapping you. That's what protocol helps you."


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