GOP Rep. Slams Trump Admin over Proposed Coast Guard Budget Cuts: ‘It Just Doesn’t Make Sense’

‘The way that you stop bad things from happening here is not directly on the border necessarily’

‘It Just Doesn’t Make Sense’: GOP Rep. Slams Trump Admin Over Proposed Coast Guard Budget Cuts (Mediaite)

In the wake of reports that the Trump Administration is proposing budget cuts to the Coast Guard to help pay for the Mexican border wall, one of the president’s early supporters appeared on CNN to rip the White House’s plan.

Speaking to host Kate Bolduan, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) highlighted that the entire operating budget of the Coast Guard is $9 billion, which he described as “shoestring.”

“And you have President Trump talking about national security, criminal networks,” the California lawmaker stated. “That’s what the Coast Guard does, literally.”

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