Wendy Davis Derides Politicians Who Use Abortion To Boost Public Profile

The pro-choice Texas state senator says women are being put in ‘harm’s way’ by proposed abortion restrictions

Overnight Star Wendy Davis Condemns Politicians Using Abortion Issue 'To Boost Their Own Political Aspirations' (NewsBusters)

Latest dispatch from the Department of Pot-Meet-Kettle. On today's Face the Nation, Texas state senator Wendy Davis, who overnight went from being a national unknown to a rising star who today appeared on count-em three Sunday talk shows, has accused politicians of using the abortion issue "to boost their own political aspirations." 

Davis also accused Texas Governor Rick Perry and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst of putting thousands of Texas women "in harm's way in order for them to step up the political ladder." Bob Schieffer never called Davis on her hypocrisy.

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