Linda McMahon: Small Businesses ‘So Encouraged’ by Donald Trump

‘Because he is a businessman and he wants to make sure small businesses have the opportunity to grow’


MCMAHON: "I think that small businesses are so encouraged by President Trump because he is a businessman and he wants to make sure that small businesses have the opportunity to grow. I mean, they are the backbone of our economy. And we have so many of our small businesses that are creating jobs, but what they lack is access to capital, they are buried under regulation, part of which, you know, is ObamaCare, and I have heard from many of them the increase in premiums have made it very difficult for them. So President Trump really has great confidence in our economy if we, in fact, have our small businesses grow. So I was incredibly honored when he asked me to serve as administrator of SBA. I started with a small business and have actually lived the American dream to grow that business, you know, to a global enterprise that traded on the New York stock exchange and I think I bring that kind of experience to the table to encourage our small businesses."

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