CA Republican Attacks ‘Architect of the Destruction’ of Conservatism, Karl Rove

‘Karl who? ... if Karl Rove is against me, then the people are with me, because I wear his opposition as a badge of honor’

California GOPer Attacks ‘Architect of the Destruction’ of Conservatism, Karl Rove (Mediaite)

California Republican gubernatorial candidate and tea party supported Assemblyman Tim Donnelly(R-Twin Peaks) appeared on MSNBC on Tuesday where he was asked about the opposition he is facing from establishment Republicans like Karl Rove. Donnelly unloaded on Rove saying that he is the “architect” only of the destruction of the conservative movement. He added that “tyranny,” not Democratic Party members or politicians, is his only true enemy. 

“Karl Rove has said that it would be very problematic, not just in California but across the country, if you are the Republican Party nominee for governor,” said Washington Post reporter and MSNBC fill-in host Chris Cillizza. “Why is he wrong?”

“Karl who?” Donnelly replied. “Oh, you mean the architect of the destruction of the conservative movement.”

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