Fmr. HHS Secretary on GOP Health Care Plan: ‘Their Health Care Will Become More Expensive’

‘This is something that’s moving us in the wrong direction with regard to coverage’


BURWELL: "So in the initial look, which is a complicated and difficult one, because I think as most folks know, this was a bill that was done in secret, and even Republicans weren't able to see it before it appeared -- but in the initial look at it, what it does is it's disappointing, because instead of taking us forward on the issues of making sure that people have health coverage, on issues of making health care more affordable, and making sure that quality of benefits are maintained, on all three of those fronts, this takes us the other direction, with regard to the issue of affordability, because they have taken away many of the tax issues that were for upper income Americans as well as corporations, money goes away, and then money is taken away from the subsidies and tax credits that people already received. So their health care will become more expensive."

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