Colbert: ‘Crazy’ that Trump Calling an Investigation Without Any Evidence Worked

‘So where did Trump get his info? From the CIA? From the FBI? Out of his a-s-s?’

COLBERT: "Faced with these denials, Trump has not produced a shred of evidence. So where did Trump get his info? From the CIA? From the FBI? Out of his a-s-s? It's a fine year, would you like to keep the cork? Well, apparently, it came from right wing radio host and unlicensed gynecologist, Mark Levin, who ranted about these wiretaps on his radio show. It was then written up by Breitbart as "Mark Levin to Congress: Investigate Obama's 'silent coup' versus Trump." It's the worst kind of coup -- silent but deadly. So faced with zero evidence, the Trump team did the only logical thing and called for an investigation. W.H. Press Secretary and man using a coupon on his first date, Sean Spicer, took to Twitter to demand that the intelligence committees in Congress investigate Trump's charges, adding: "Neither the White House nor the president will comment further until such oversight is conducted." So now they're not going to comment on the bad thing they made up? "Mr. Johnson, you have herpes, or at least you might -- we haven't run any tests further comment." And the craziest thing about Trump calling for an investigation without any evidence is that it actually worked. Congress is going to investigate Trump's wiretapping claim. So that's it. From now on, we have to take all of Trump's allegations seriously. "Just heard bad-- or sick-- Obama hiding under my bed. #Oboogeyman" That is scary. That is spooky." 

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