Matthews: How Can These Religious ‘Yahoos’ on the Right Not Care About Global Warming?

‘How can these religious people on the far right now care about the planet?’

Chris Matthews Calls Evangelicals ‘Yahoos’ (The Washington Free Beacon)

MSNBC host Chris Matthews dismissively referred to Evangelical Christians as “yahoos” Monday on Hardball:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Can I ask a religious question? This is secular religious. If we’re the stewards of the earth, responsible for the earth, leave it no worse than you found it kind of thing, how can these religious people on the far right not care about the condition of this planet?

NEERA TANDEN: I think they actually more and more Evangelicals care about this issue. You saw the Pope last week talk about climate change. And the moral imperative of addressing climate change. I actually think this is a business interest.

MATTHEWS: Don’t put the Pope in the same category as the yahoos, please, while you’re here.

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