Schumer Dodges on Whether He Has Confidence in Senate Intel Committee to Investigate Trump-Russia Ties

‘I have doubts about Chairman Burr’

TODD: "Do you no longer have confidence in the intelligence committee to do this on the Senate side to conduct this investigation?"
SCHUMER: "Let me answer that in two parts. First, the intelligence commit has congressional oversight, and yes, I have doubts about chairman burr. He first denied that they should investigate and when pushed by Mike Warner he said, okay, we’ll investigate and then of course at the administration’s request he went to the president and said something is wrong. That’s taking sides in the investigation. The faith I have in the intelligence committee is in Mike Warner and the Democrats. They’ve been holding burr’s feet to the fire and they will look for another alternative if chairman burr doesn’t pursue this. People mix up the two. The other is, of course, whether the law was broken and whether the Trump campaign was complicit in working with the Russians to influence the election. That needs a special prosecutor. Rod Rosenstein, he’s a career man and heel be before the Judiciary Committee for his nomination for deputy attorney general. I am urging him at that hearing to say that he will appoint a special prosecutor to look into this because it’s on the executive side that any investigation is done and any criminality is put forward."

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