Matt Schlapp and MSNBC Anchor Face Off: ‘What Is Jeff Sessions Guilty Of?’

Ruhle: ‘Clear the air?’

‘What Is Jeff Sessions Guilty Of?’: Matt Schlapp and MSNBC Anchor Face Off (Mediaite)

Matt Schlapp, chair of the American Conservative Union, was on MSNBC this morning to talk about all the drama surrounding Jeff Sessions. (It was likely a welcome diversion as he was the one with all the drama just a week and a half ago.)

Schlapp said that Donald Trump‘s White House hasn’t handled Sessions’s alleged conversations with the Russian ambassador (and the associated fallout from him lying under oath about it) very well, but maintained that the conversations themselves weren’t a big deal. Note that most people agree: Sessions was called on to recuse himself from Department of Justice investigations of presidential campaigns and even to resign by people who were angry about the perjury more than the conversations themselves. During his interview, Schlapp brushed off those demands for resignation altogether.

“Why not come forward?” Stephanie Ruhle asked. “Clear the air?”

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