Tucker Grills Dem Rep.: How Are You Alleging the Russian Gov’t Influenced the Outcome of the Election?

‘I am not alleging it, Tucker, 17 intelligence agencies of the United States have’


CARLSON: "I've gotten this lecture a thousand times. How specifically are you alleging that the Russian government influenced the outcome of the election? You raised this question and you're implying it. I want you to state what are you talking about." 
CICILLINE: "I am not alleging it. Tucker, 17 intelligence agencies of the United States have."
CARLSON: "And how exactly do they say Russia — okay, since you read their report, how exactly did they say that they influenced the outcome?"
CICILLINE: "Let me finish the answer. They document a very sophisticated campaign at the direction of Vladimir Putin. That included fake news, online blogging, the hacking of the DNC, the release of e-mails."

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