Woodward: There Are Still Many Benghazi Questions; Did Hillary Keep a Diary?

‘There are serious unanswered questions about this’

Bob Woodward Doesn’t Buy Hillary’s Benghazi Denial: 'Serious, Unanswered Questions About This' (The Daily Caller)

Washington Post writer Bob Woodward said Sunday that he doesn’t believe Hillary Clinton when she says the Benghazi investigation is all about politics, claiming there are still “serious, unanswered questions about this.”

Woodward spoke on a “Fox News Sunday” panel about a leaked chapter from former Secretary of State Clinton’s new book, “Hard Choices,” which addresses the September 11, 2012 attacks on State Department personnel in Benghazi, Libya.

While many assert that Clinton and the broader Obama administration were involved in a political cover-up of the attack’s details, the book declares that everything there is to know about Benghazi and the administration response has already been revealed, with Republicans merely playing politics by continuing to investigate.

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