Gingrich on Sessions: Trump Had a Great Day and ‘Surprise, Surprise Another Fake News Story’

‘Donald Trump had a great day in the media yesterday’


GINGRICH: "First of all, Donald Trump had a great day in the media yesterday. His speech was a home run. Everything was going well and surprise, surprise, 'The Washington Post' and 'The New York Times' come up with another fake news story that has no meaning. They are shocked to discover, for example, that the Russian ambassador was 1 of 30 people — even 'The Post' downplayed this and recognized that it was so stupid it was embarrassing. There were apparently 30 ambassadors who've come up to congratulate Sessions at the Republican National Convention and a Heritage Foundation reception, so they were all standing around talking. This is supposed to be the big meeting? The other thing was, he was very clear — Franken asked him about campaign activities. He said, 'I never discussed them with the Russians.' It turned out the Russian ambassador came by to the U.S. Senate office in his role as the member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and is 1 of 46 ambassadors that he has met with."

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