Nicolle Wallace and Joe Scarborough: ‘Thank God’ Obama Wasn’t President After 9/11

‘The fact that on foreign policy, they can’t convince the New York Times editorial page that they’re doing the right things says everything you need to know’

Wallace and Scarborough: ‘Thank God’ Obama Wasn’t President After 9/11 (Washington Free Beacon)

Both Morning Joe contributor Nicolle Wallace and host Joe Scarborough said “thank God” President Obama was not in the White House after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks Friday.

Wallace tore into Obama’s foreign policy in light of his poorly received addressWednesday at West Point, making the point that even the New York Times editorial board, often very friendly to Obama’s views, called it “largely uninspiring.” She also alluded to State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki’smocked remarks about Obama not “giving himself enough credit” for his achievements.

“My favorite thing that happened in Washington was this comment that he’s not getting enough credit on foreign policy,” she said. “He’s not getting enough blame on foreign policy.”

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