Noah: Trump’s Getting Karma Because Like Ted Cruz, Leaks Have No Friends

‘Leaks are like Ted Cruz, they have no friends’

NOAH: "Yeah, you can't make this up. You cannot make up this. The leaks are so bad, Sean Spicer held a secret meeting to stop leaks, which was then immediately leaked. Even Jesus is, like, man, you got betrayed hard! This is really sad to see, you know, because Donald Trump, becoming president, expected loyalty, but, instead, looks like he's getting calmer. Don't forget, he's this guy -- "
TRUMP [clip]: "You see so much from these Wikileaks. Wikileaks! I love Wikileaks!"
NEWS [clip]: "Incredible information provided by Wikileaks, so dishonest, rigged system -- "
NOAH: "Ah, Donald Trump, you made the classic mistake -- you thought leaks would always help you. But, you see, leaks are like Ted Cruz, they have no friends."

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