Flashback: Watch the Enthusiastic Reaction President Bush Got From West Point Cadets

'There are many honors that come with the presidency, but none higher than serving as Commander-in-Chief of the greatest Armed Forces on Earth'

Watch How Vastly Different West Point Cadets React Between Hearing Presidents Obama and Bush (Independent Journal Review)

Even the pundits at CNN had to agree – President Obama’s reception at West Point was nothing short of “icy.” His graduation speech has been slammed as being less “Commander in Chief” and more “policy wonk playing defense.” And the way the audience reacted supports it.

He receives a standing ovation from about a fourth of the audience who has come to see the the West Point class of 2014 graduate and commission as 2nd Lieutenants, and throughout his speech, he receives only mild applause from the graduates and their friends and families.

Compare that to the speech President George W. Bush gave to the corps of cadets in 2008 in his last military academy speech as President:

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