Ann Coulter: Trump Isn’t Attacking the 1st Amendment; ‘He Is Attacking a Lying Media’

‘President Trump is right to withdraw federal funding from sanctuary funding’

COULTER: "It’s a clever point you are making it I usually look at it from the other end. President Trump is right to withdraw federal finding from sanctuary funding. We always find out very rarely like immigration laws, laws passed by Congress, some signed by the Congress, but usually some frivolous Supreme Court decision. That’s when we are reminded that federal law is supreme. How long ago was the heller case finding the individual right to own guns. Try to get a gun in Chicago or Los Angeles or New York. Where the day after the gay marriage decision, some poor Kentucky clerk in Kentucky is being required to turn over marriage licenses. Would I add for any cops following Jeanine’s excellent advice. Judge Jeanine: My point is it’s time to figure out a way for them T talert law enforcement. American citizens are in jeopardy. Their fellow American citizens are in jeopardy. But I want to move on. The White House correspondents dinner. President Trump irnd kaitd he’s not — indicated he’s not going."


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