Sacaramucci: More American Jobs Will Be Created with a Border Adjustment Tax

‘I think the American people will be very happy’


SCARAMUCCI: "What everybody wants is a much simpler system that’s more coast effective for American corporations we have the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Let’s come up with a system that brings that down to what the president really wants let’s create more manufacturing and more jobs in the United States and how can we put that into the tax code? How can we incentivize people, even international companies to bringing manufacturing jobs that help the working class families and the middle class. That’s the tension right now. And I would say that Gary Cohen is a great team player and my guess is he is on side with the president. And the good news is a lot of good intentions in the building and on capitol Hill. I think we will get it right. I think the American people will be very happy."

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