Ronan Farrow Rips Obama’s ‘Fight the Monsters’ Approach to Foreign Policy

‘This is a strategy that America has tried again and again, often to our detriment ... he seems to want to puruse this approach of proxy wars’

Ronan Farrow Rips Obama’s Foreign Policy Approach: Getting ‘Others to Do the Dirty Work’ (Mediaite)

MSNBC’s newest host, Ronan Farrow, criticized President Barack Obama’s address on foreign policy on Wednesday and his general approach to foreign affairs. Farrow was critical of what he thought was a muddled approach to foreign policy and scolded the president for getting other nations “to do the dirty work.”

Playing a series of clips of Obama’s speech to West Point graduates on Wednesday, Farrow noted the contradictions in the president’s address.

“He explained his reluctance to engage,” Farrow noted. “But wait, wait. He wants intervention, too.”

“His solution: empowering others to do the dirty work,” the MSNBC host continued. “This is a strategy that America has tried again and again, often to our detriment.”

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