Steve Bannon: Trump Is ‘Probably the Best Public Speaker ... Since William Jennings Bryan’

‘If you want to see the Trump agenda, it’s very simple, it was all in the speeches’


BANNON: "President Trump, when he was running, and this is the other thing the mainstream media or opposition party never caught — if you want to see the Trump agenda, it's very simple. It was all in the speeches. He went around to these rallies, but those speeches had a tremendous amount of content in them. I happen to believe, and I think many others do, he's probably the best public speaker in those large arenas since William Jennings Bryan. Remember, we didn't have any money. Hillary Clinton and these guys had over $2 billion. We had a couple hundred million dollars. It was those rallies and those speeches. All he's doing right now is he's laid out an agenda with those speeches with the promises he made, and our job every day is just to execute on that, to simply get a path to how those get executed." 

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