DeMint: ‘Isn’t It Wonderful that We Will Never Have To Hear the Words Pres. Clinton Again?’

‘Isn’t it wonderful that we will never have to hear the words President Clinton again?’


DEMINT: "Freedom is worth fighting for. Our ideas of individual liberty, of free markets, traditional values, strong defense. These are all worth fighting for. These conservative ideas make America great and make life better for everyone. But make no mistake, we will always have to fight for these ideas because freedom is the greatest threat to those on the left who crave power and control. We're going to have to fight. We can see the left all around us right now. I mean, they are literally freaking out at the rejection of their ideas and their candidates. Isn’t it wonderful? Let them freak out. It’s a big temper tantrum that they are having right now but isn’t it wonderful that we will never have to hear the words President Clinton again? 
The left isn’t protesting bad policies. They are protesting an election and a man Americans selected as their president. And they will do everything that they can to keep Trump from from being successful."

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