Colbert: ‘The Washington Post’ Took Down Nixon, Who Wants Next?

‘The Washington Post’ added a subheader to its front page that says, ‘Democracy dies in darkness’

COLBERT: "Oh, over the weekend, the president called the media "The enemy of the American people." Okay ... That upset-- they're delicious. Now, that upset a lot of media. In response, "The Washington Post" added a subheader to its front page that says, "Democracy dies in darkness." So, "The Washington Post" has officially entered its Goth phase. It's a strong message that they're going to hold Trump accountable, a message he will receive the minute "Fox & Friends" reports on it. By the way, "Democracy dies in darkness" beat out their other top choices: "No you shut up!" "Come at me, bro." "We're going balls out!" And "We took down Nixon. Who wants next?"

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