Rep. Jeffries Acknowledges His Party Has Taken Advantage of the African-American Community’s Loyalty

‘Democrats as a whole have taken advantage of our loyalty to the party without reciprocating in terms of public policy accomplishments’

Rep. Jeffries Acknowledges His Party Has Taken Advantage of The African-American Community’s Loyalty (The Washington Free Beacon)

New York Democratic Congressman Hakeem Jeffries acknowledged to MSNBC's Ali Velshi that Democrats have taken advantage of African-American electoral support and need to do more to reciprocate their support with policy accomplishments.

During a Tuesday morning television appearance, Jeffries and Velshi spoke about the African-American community and fixing the criminal justice system.

Velshi told Jeffries that he had recently spoken with another member of the Congressional Black Caucus who believed that some individuals within the Democratic Party have taken African-American electoral support for granted.

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