Katie Pavlich: ‘Very Clear’ Leaks Are ‘Political Attacks’ Based on Anonymous Sources

‘This seems very political’


PAVLICH: "Look, I think it’s very clear that based on the fact that the majority of the sourcing in these stories that we keep seeing about Russia are anonymous and the fact that we haven’t seen any evidence, concrete evidence when it comes to the Russians somehow changing the results of the election, this seems very political. On the other hand, I think that the Trump administration hasn’t done themselves a whole lot of favors when it comes to the Flynn resignation. Because, on one hand they’re saying, that he -- there was an irreconcilable breach of trust between the administration and general Flynn. And yet, they go on to blame other circumstances for his resignation. And so, they both have a little bit of credibility building to do, both on the press side and on the administration side. But it's very clear that based on anonymous sourcing, a lack of evidence -- and the Intelligence Community and FBI saying there is no evidence of wrongdoing that these are political attacks." 

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