Scarborough: ‘I Have Never Seen a 180 More than Rand Paul’ Did on Trump

‘Rand Paul, right now, is the conductor of the Trump train’


SCARBOROUGH: "Mark, I was very critical of the idea that John Bolton be secretary of state. But if you want a hawk on Russia, it would be hard to find somebody that has said more disparaging things about Vladimir Putin publicly than John Bolton."
HALPERIN: "And it would take Rand Paul off the Trump train because he is no fan of Bolton either. It's -- it's -- this pick is a big deal."
SCARBOROUGH: "Well Rand Paul, right now, is the conductor of the Trump train --"
HALPERIN: "Yeah." (Laughter)
SACRBOROUGH: "-- saying nothing to see here, on -- on his attacks again judiciary, his attacks against the press, nothing to see on the Russian investigation. I have never seen a 180 more than Rand Paul. So it might be hard --" [crosstalk]
HALPERIN: "He'd flip -- he'd back again." 

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