Tapper Grills State Dept on Why Obama Hasn’t Punished Putin for Meddling in Ukraine

‘You just said that Russia has been meddling; where are the tougher sanctions?’

Tapper Grills State Dept On Why Obama Hasn’t Punished Putin For Meddling in Ukraine (Free Beacon)

CNN’s Jake Tapper pressed State Department spokesperson Marie Harf on the White House’s seeming lack of response to Russian meddling in Ukrainian elections Friday on The Lead.

President Obama warned during his joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel against the Russian leadership meddling in the upcoming Ukrainian elections. “The Russian leadership must know if it continues to destabilize eastern Ukraine and disrupt this month’s presidential election, we will move quickly on additional steps, including further sanctions that will incur greater costs,” he said.

Tapper asked Harf if recent reports of Russian backed separatists clashing with the Ukrainian military would constitute “meddling.”

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